VBHB Primary School KiwiVolley Competitons

General Information

KiwiVolley Competitions For Years 5-6


KiwiVolley is for Primary school volleyball teams from year 5-6. It is played on badminton courts and nets.KiwiVolley is played with a soft touch Mikasa ball which gives the children a good understanding of the game of Volleyball. The rules are flexible with bonus points awarded for multiple plays of the ball before crossing the net. The team consists of four players on the court at any one time.

Duty: 1 Coach or Teacher per team is required to assist with refereeing and/or scoring as necessary. Each team must be accompanied by an adult.


FUN is critical for us and one of the primary objectives of the programme is to encourage participation in sport and physical activity in the hopes of creating life-long interest volleyball. Using modified KiwiVolley games, the volleyball fundamentals such as, the Set, the Dig, the Serve, Spiking and Blocking can be introduced. However, we only do this in the most simple and basic of ways, used primarily as tools to enhance the development of the fundamental movement skills, and as part of a program which encourages SUCCESS and fun in a volleyball orientated environment.KiwiVolley is a game derived from the adult volleyball game with rules and equipment adapted for young people between 5-12 years. We have designed our KiwiVolley rules so that from a very early age children can be engaged in a fun volleyball environment. We use progressive levels so that the children can challenge themselves physically, develop their fundamental movement skills (FMS) and gain success through modified KiwiVolley games.

The 3 levels of KiwiVolley are-

  • KiwiVolley Year 3-4 ( Not available 2021 due to venue flooding)
  • KiwiVolley Rally - Year 5-6 / Year 7-8's with other modified sport, KiwiVolley is designed to give maximum participation and enjoyable involvement in a game that can develop a wide range of ball skills, movement skills, as well as teamwork and communication skills.KiwiVolley is an ideal way to ENGAGE youngsters in the game of Volleyball. Students will find the progression to College volleyball much easier with having played just one season of KiwiVolley.

Primary Schools

All the following 5 KiwiVolley booklets can be printed in colour, black & white, in booklet form which can then be easily stapled or printed in fullsize A4 for easier reading.

KiwiVolley - Teaching the Skills

KiwiVolley - Teaching KiwiVolley

KiwiVolley - Six Lesson Plan

KiwiVolley - Grills - Game like Drills

KiwiVolley - Rules & refereeing

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Volleyball New Zealand's KiwiVolley Skills - Setting video - Click Here

To purchase a KiwiVolley net system from VNZ refer to their website - Click Here